Safety Equipment For Tower Climbing

Climbing Safety Harness

Climbing Safety Harness

I will be climbing our tower both to add equipment in the future as well as to maintain it. To this end, I’ve purchased a safety harness and associated equipment and rigging for tower climbing and work. This is perhaps the most important purchase a tower owner will ever make as you are betting your life on the reliable operation of this equipment. I choose a DBI-SALA ExoFit NEX Tower Climbing Safety Harness along with the associated fall arrest and anchor straps. I also purchased a good quality hard hat for myself and for Anita so that she can assist me on the ground. In addition we purchased ropes, pulley’s, carabiners and various other rigging accessories to allow us to haul materials and tools up the tower to work on it. All of this equipment was obtained from a combination of and Champion Radio Products. I am planning to provide some posts in the future once I have the opportunity to use this gear.

– Fred (AB1OC)

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