We Have A Tower!

Tower Compete to 90 ft

Tower Complete to 90 ft

Matt and Andrew from XX Towers put most of our tower up today! We had all of the parts needed except for the upper star guy anchor so we were able to get the first 90 ft and the lower star guy (at 50 ft) up today. We will complete the tower to the 100 ft level and add the mast which will extend 15 ft above the top of the tower for a total of 115 ft once the second Star Guy Bracket arrives.

The star guy system is working out great.

Star Guy Bracket

Star Guy Bracket

The first Star Guy system is installed at the 50 ft level on the Tower. The guy material is made of Phillystran which is a non-conducting high-strength fiber based material. The Phillystran material transitions to standard EHS steel guy wire for a short section at each end of a guy cable for safety.

Star Guy on Tower

Star Guy on Tower

As you can see from the pictures, the tower is shaping up nicely! Here’s a picture of the tower looking from the front of our house.

View of 90 ft Tower from Driveway

View of 90 ft Tower from Driveway

Andrew did all of the work on the tower and Matt and I acted as the ground crew. Andrew and Matt are very accomplished at working on a tower and the entire 90 ft including the guy system was up in less than a day!

Andrew on the Tower

Andrew on the Tower

I will post a second article explaining the entire process to put the tower up soon once we complete the remaining section, mast and star guy anchor.

– Fred (AB1OC)

2 thoughts on “We Have A Tower!

    • Star guys prevent the tower from twisting when the large Yagi antennas start or stop rotating. This is especially important when both antennas are turned at the same time.

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