Feedline Conduits And Electrical Power Complete

Conduits & Electrical at Tower

Conduits & Electrical at Tower

We made some more progress on our tower project today. Brian Veillette (Nashyei@aol.com), our excavation contractor, completed the conduits for our feedlines today and Brian Fessenden (fessendenbrian@yahoo.com), our Electrician, added an electrical outlet at the tower to provide power for our rotating ring and for general use at the base of the tower. We installed one 6″, one 4″ and two 2″ conduits to accommodate all of our hardline feed lines and control cables. These will allow us to run all of the cabling underground from the tower to our shack entry.

Conduits at Shack Entry

Conduits at Shack Entry

It will take a little time for our lawn to “heal” but its nice to have these steps complete. It looks like some of our four yagis may arrive as early as late next week and the next major step will be to assemble them.

– Fred (AB1OC)

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