Weather Station On The Tower (And AB1OC Learns To “Climb”)

Weather Station on the Tower

Weather Station on the Tower

We installed a Davis Weather Station on our tower and got it working and on the internet over the last few days. The first step in this project was to make a custom standoff bracket to attach the weather station to our tower. I made this using thin wall tubing, some channel stock, a couple of stainless steel clamps and a MIG welder. Anita got the finished product powder coated at a local jobber so that it would last outside in the weather.

Weather Station Mounting Bracket

Weather Station Mounting Bracket

I have been planning to climb our tower and the installation of the weather station on the tower was my first attempt at climbing. The station is at about 35 ft so it was a good first project to do on the tower.

AB1OC on the Tower

AB1OC on the Tower

Anita (AB1QB) acted as my ground crew and helped me by rigging the weather station, bracket and tools on the ground so we could haul them up with a rope a pulley system.

Ground Crew - AB1QB

Ground Crew – AB1QB

The weather station works great. We have two consoles for it – one in our shack and one in our home office.

Weather Station Console

Weather Station Console

One of the consoles is connected to the internet and provides readings from our station online via a PC internet browser or via our smartphones and tablets. You can see the current weather conditions at our tower by clicking on this link. We both had fun doing this part of our project and I plan to climb the tower again soon to take some more pictures closer to the top.

– Fred (AB1OC)

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