How some circuit diagrams look today

Blog Post Of The Day! Ever have a problem with your shack that makes you feel like this is the circuit diagram you are trouble shooting?

– Fred (AB1OC)

Ham Radio Blog PD0AC

Anyone got the same problem? Circuit diagrams which are drawn so  bad that you can’t see the difference between two wires crossing or connecting? It drives me crazy. Here’s a nice one for you all to figure out.


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3 thoughts on “How some circuit diagrams look today

  1. Hi, Thank you soo much for the very interesting blogs.

    I got a question regarding the web camera you have hooked up to monitor your yagis rotating. I am about to put up a DB 18 and would like to do the same. What monitoring software are you using? Can it also be hooked up to an old and small TV? Can it be exposed to the internet in some fashion? Is this a DVR solution or without DVR?


    Andy, KU7T

    • Hi Andy,

      The camera that I am using does not have a a PC interface or internet capability. I just have it hooked up to a TV monitor (it uses a SD composite video connection which is available on most TV monitors). If you want to add a PC interface, I’d look into inexpensive video capture cards and associated SW to do DVR functions, etc). Most of the modern simple video capture setups provide a USB interface and some come bundled with applications SW along the lines that you are looking for. As far as monitors go, I don’t think that you need anything very large if your goal is to see if your antenna is moving OK and observe wind loading.

      Fred, AB1OC

      • It is easy to figure out if I could only figure out where the B-E junction is in order to turn on first XTR.Two P type junctions? The most important part of the circuit is the magic smoke of which one has to be contained in unit. You don’t want it to leave unit ever for it will never work properly.

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