2014 CQ WPX SSB Contest Experience

AB1OC Operating In CQ WPX SSB

AB1OC Operating In CQ WPX SSB

I particularly enjoy the CQ WPX SSB Contest and I had a great time working it this past weekend. Each time we work another contest, we try to do some things to improve our skills and our score. This time was no exception with the following things done to improve:

Band conditions were great this year which made the higher bands (20m, 15m and 10m) a lot of fun to work! At the end of the contest, I was able to muster a score of 7.4m – more than 3.5x times what I did in this contest last year. I am hoping for a Top Ten finish in the United States.

DXCC Entities Worked

DXCC Entities Worked

I made over 2,400 QSOs and worked 117 DXCC entities.

CQ Zones Worked

CQ Zones Worked

I was also able to work all but two of the 40 CQ zones.

Contest QSO Summary

Contest QSO Summary

The picture above is an Athena analysis of my final log from the contest. I was able to use the virtual rotator capabilities of our microHAM Station Master Deluxe (SMD) antenna controller to use our steerable 8-Circle Receive Array alone with 75m Delta Loop transmit antenna to put together some great runs on 75m on Friday and Saturday nights. The combination of N1MM’s Rotator Controller and the SMD’s virtual rotator allowed me to instantly steer the receive antenna to each call as I got it staged. This greatly improved my ability to “hear” on 75m and 160m which helped my score significantly. I was also able to put together several really good runs on 20m, 15m and 10m at various times during the day on Saturday and Sunday. I was also able to sustain a couple of good runs on 40m during the contest.

The contest was great fun and I am looking forward to doing it again next year.


– Fred (AB1OC)

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