2016 ARRL Field Day!

2016 Field Day Site Layout

2016 Field Day Site Layout

I had the privilege of acting as the Field Day Incident Commander for the Nashua Area Radio Club this year. Field Day is the most important operating event for the Nashua Area Radio Club each year. We operated under our club callsign, N1FD and we were 7A here in New Hampshire, USA. We included some new antennas including a Three Element 40m V-Beam, a Satellite Station and a 70cm Digital ATV Station in our operation this year. You can see some of the details which went into the planning of our 2016 Field Day Operation on our Club’s Tech Night Page.

The video above shows highlights from our 2016 Field Day Operation. As you can see, we had a lot of fun at Field Day this year. Our club has 120+ members and we had a large turnout for Field Day. You can see more about our 2016 Field Day operation on our Field Day Page including photos, a score summary and a recap presentation shared at a recent club meeting. I hope that you enjoy sharing our memories from 2016 Field Day.


– Fred, AB1OC

2 thoughts on “2016 ARRL Field Day!

  1. Fred,

    Did you have a chance to try the 40 meter V beam? If so how would you say it performed? Can you post the dimensions for it?


    Mike – KI8R

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